About Us

My name is John Shirley, and I am an 18-year veteran peace officer in Houston, Texas. I am the past State Chapter President of Oath Keepers, and current National Peace Officer Liaison and National Board Member. I decided in light of the recent mass shootings and pending gun control legislation that it is time for peace officers who believe in the 2nd Amendment to stand up and let their voices be heard. My hope is that if enough officers speak up that legislators will see that no matter what unconstitutional laws are passed, there will be nobody to enforce them.

Another reason for this site is to show the public at large that peace officers support gun rights and to alert the press that most sworn officers don’t support the unconstitutional gun laws that are not only looking to be passed, but those that are already on the books.

I am not a veteran webmaster or blog operator so I ask in advance for your patience. I also ask for you to spread the word and help make this organization a success.


Peace Officers for the 2nd Amendment is a group made up of current serving peace officers dedicated to preservation of the individual ownership of firearms. We pledge our honor on the following principles:

I am a Peace Officer.

I took an Oath to support & defend the Constitution.

I affirm The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right of individual citizens to Keep & Bear arms.

I affirm that any law or order contradicting the 2nd Amendment is illegal and thus null and void.

I DO NOT recognize the supremacy of any treaty that is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment.

I will NOT obey any law or order to demand registration of firearms ownership.

I will NOT obey any law or order to summarily confiscate a persons firearms.

I affirm that any politician or peace officer that supports any laws or gives any orders in conflict with the 2nd Amendment is violating their Oath of Office and should immediately be relieved of their duties and removed from office.

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